New S1 from AM Solutions integrates modules that improve de-powdering and cleaning of 3D printed components

With the goal of delivering more consistent results and cleaner work for automatic de-powdering and cleaning of 3D printed components, AM Solutions has been working on the next generation of the S1 post processing system.

With a new design that complies with ATEX standards, the S1 surface treatment machine is a plug-and-play unit suits the removal of residual powder on plastic components produced on powder-based 3D printing systems.

The new machine is equipped with a swivel-mounted rotary basket for ergonomic loading/unloading that also prevents contamination in the production environment, as well as swivel-mounted blast nozzles that prevent re-contamination of treated parts.  Indeed, for loading and unloading the basket swivels to the large opening in the cabin front but remains completely within the blast chamber.

Furthermore, thanks to safe change of blast media and the ability to switch modules from automatic to manual operation without time consuming re-tooling , operators can get consistent high-quality processing results.

Designed for small to mid-size work piece volumes, the Additive Manufacturing brand of Rösler explains in a press communication that the integrated rotary basket allows for the fully automatic processing of batches up to 25 liters and a maximum batch weight of 50 kg.

The special basket design ensures optimal distribution and mixing of the components during the blast operation. This, in combination with the pivoting blast nozzles, guarantees the effective and gentle blast treatment of the components in short cycle times. Depending on the finishing task, the shot blast operation can be run with either glass beads or a suitable plastic media. Once the blast cycle is complete, contrary to conventional cabinets, where the blast nozzles are tilted upwards, in the S1 the blast nozzles are automatically swiveled out of the basket. This prevents any powder accumulated on the blast nozzle holder to fall back into the basket and re-contaminate the cleaned components during the subsequent shakeout”, the company said.

Images via Rösler

Integrated health, work and component protection

Another significant feature of the S1 is that the inside of the cabinet and the rotary basket are lined with an antistatic polyurethane coating. The precisely defined shore hardness of the basket lining prevents any color contamination of the work pieces. The powder swirling around during the blast process is explosive. Equipment suppliers are frequently passing this potential problem on to the equipment operators by demanding that the amount of powder carried into the machine cannot exceed a certain limit. AM Solutions has resolved this issue by utilizing components like motors and valves that are in compliance with ATEX standards.

Because of the relatively low noise emission of <=80 dB(A) –  when blasting with 3 bar – and the air-tight machine doors the S1 can be operated without safety glasses and noise protection.

Depowdering and cleaning are pivotal for the success of subsequent manufacturing operations like painting or coating, and the features unveiled in AM Solutions next generation of post-processing system show that the manufacturer is taking this affair seriously.

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