Nano Dimension: a first sale announces its presence in the Japanese 3D printed electronics market

Conducteur - images via Nano Dimension
Conducteur – images via Nano Dimension

Israel-based manufacturer of electronics 3D Printers, Nano Dimension takes its first steps in the Japanese market with the sale of its DragonFly™ Pro 3D Printer. CMK Corporation in Tokyo, a manufacturer of PCB is the happy user of this solution.

The manufacturer aims to produce prototyping cycles of printed wiring boards (PWB) during early development stage and to explore various PWB shapes or layer structures based on its customers’ request.

The Japanese automotive industry is one of the biggest ones of the market and even of the Asia-Pacific region. According to Nano Dimension, the rapid adoption of advanced automotive electronics, growing consumer purchasing power, and consumer expectations for safety features are the key factors driving the automotive PCB market in the Asia-Pacific region. 

With over 50 years of its experience on the market, CMK Corporation has managed to position itself on this market. Today the company derives about 70% of its sales from automotive electronics – circuit prototypes for car accessories, electronic control systems, engine management systems and applications for autonomous vehicles are some of the applications that enable the company to stand out from the crowd.

We are thrilled to expand into the innovative Japanese electronics market and look forward to working directly with CMK, a global leader in electronics and PCB technologies,” said Gilad Reshef, APAC director at Nano Dimension. “Our experts have the capability and know-how for PCB technologies and accelerate the development of precision additive manufacturing for electronics. We are the only company capable to provide this type of in-house manufacturing process, so printed electronics can offer a wide design and manufacturing freedom.”

Given the potential of 3D Printed electronics, the market of CMK Corporations seems secure. Discover in the April issue of 3D ADEPT Mag, our dossier on 3D Printed electronics.

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