MIT renews its session of online Additive Manufacturing course

Following a successful first edition, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launches the second edition of its online certificate program for additive manufacturing. Led by Professor A. John Hart, the 11-week course is focused on the fundamentals, applications, and implications of 3D printing for design and manufacturing.

AM for Design and Production

If you are already acquainted with additive manufacturing, then you know that production on-demand is definitely achievable using AM processes. However, the capacity to create components and products using digital design and production tools is a barrier that needs to be overcome.

This online course aims to enable participants to master the fundamentals in terms of design in AM, applications and implications in the adoption of AM.

Furthermore, professionals, from engineers to executives will understand the “workflow for AM of polymers, metals, and composites, and how these principles govern the performance and limitations of each mainstream AM process, evaluate the business case for transitioning a product to be made using AM versus the conventional approach, either in part or in whole. Last but not least, they will develop a cutting-edge perspective on digital transformation and the factory of the future,” and much more.

MIT: the place to be for research & education

The private research institute that specializes in science and technology is already acknowledged for its various researches related to 3D printing.

As far as education is concerned, the institute has even collaborated with Boeing to provide professionals of the aerospace industry a specific course dedicated to master AM processes in the aerospace industry.

Furthermore, remarkable researches include the development of the rapid liquid printing technique as well as the current development of 3D printed airbags for BMW.

Anyway, the session of this online course will start on October 7th and the course price is estimated at $1,950. A group pricing is also available.

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