The rapid liquid printing technology of MIT would 3D print bags and lampshades in a few minutes

As part of Miami’s annual art week, MIT researchers demonstrated their rapid liquid 3D printing technique by producing bags and lamp shades within a short period of time.

It was the first time that the rapid liquid 3D printing technology was showcased in public. However, this time MIT collaborated with Swiss designer Christophe Guberan and the Patrick Parrish Gallery to perform this demonstration.

Remember, in May, MIT and Steelcase were unveiling this new 3D printing technique. Technically speaking, the process is carried out in a gel – which essentially allows a product designer to draw in a 3D space without any limit of gravity. Since there is no traditional support material, structure or stratification, the printing process is much faster and can be as wide as the material containing gel.

So, at Design Miami (which was held from December 6 to 10th), the team 3D printed mesh tote bags and flexible lamp shades that visitors could buy on the spot.

The space serves as a manufacturing facility in which a robot instantly prints tote bags and art objects inside a glass tank of translucent gel,” added the MIT team.This exhibit is the first public demonstration of MIT’s rapid liquid printing technology.


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