Engineer evaluating an M300 tool steel print of conformal cooled tooling and high pressure die casting inserts. | French: Ingénieur évaluant une empreinte en acier à outils M300 de l'outillage refroidi par conformation et des inserts de moulage sous pression à haute pression. Image via Velo3D

M300 Tool Steel is an ultra-low carbon alloy with very high strength & hardness properties derived from intermetallic compounds rather than carbon content. Ideal for complex large-diameter internal cooling channels, the material has just been qualified for Velo3D’s Sapphire Family of metal 3D printers.

The announcement follows the recent qualification of GRCop-42 Alloy for the company’s portfolio of 3D printers.

By qualifying M300 tool steel for use in our printers, we’re able to service entirely new industries, like automotive and tooling, that can leverage Velo3D’s advanced capability to print high quality, large diameter internal channels for their applications,” said Greg Brown, Velo3D VP of Technology. “By manufacturing die cast inserts and other tooling components with our technology, we expect companies will be able to build stronger products, improve machining throughput, and decrease manufacturing costs.”

Processing M300 Tool Steel on Velo3D’s metal 3D printing machines, may lead to high-quality surface finishes in complex large-diameter internal cooling channels. These channels can prolong the life of the tooling. However, they can be difficult to create with conventional manufacturing methods. Furthermore, while many metal 3D printers can print smaller diameter holes, printing large channels can create roughness and susceptibility to cracking, a press release reads.

According to Velo3D, the Sapphire XC 1MZ would be a greater fit to process the material due to a large build volume—600 mm in diameter and 1000 mm in heights. [It can easily] fulfill the requirements of industries that require the largest M300 tool steel inserts, like automotive, Velo3D notes.

The OEM has already seen extensive interest in the alloy from automotive manufacturers for use in high-pressure die cast inserts, injection molding, and other types of tooling.

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