LM Industries is a digital OEM that has been created by Local Motors and Launch Forth, creator of the Rally Fighter and Olli, the 3D printed shuttle we presented in January. The San Francisco-based manufacturer will focus on mobility products manufactured using 3D printing technologies.

LM Industries

The company will assemble products in small batches at agile microfactories. It mainly creates transportation, accessibility and mobility products. As part of its clients, one can already count Allianz Group, Airbus and the United States Marine Corps. If you wonder what type of deal Allianz might have with LM Industries, note that the insurer aims at installing the Olli shuttles in several cities and enabling people to understand the need of insurance in this changing world.

Furthermore, the insurance company wants to imagine new mobility solutions of mobility insurance. The latest project of both partners is an accessibility device that can be customized to match any activity level or style choices.

The key relies in having products that can be upgradeable. Due to rapidly changing consumer preferences, it is essential for instance to have  a software whose features can be improved at any time.

Bringing Launch Forth’s design and Local Motor’s microfactories into one parent company provides clients with another alternative to mass manufacturing.

Mass manufacturing is a relic of a past era. We’re in the middle of a mobility revolt where current modes of transportation are not sustainable and do not match up with rapidly changing consumer preferences,” said LM Industries CEO and co-founder John B. Rogers, Jr. “We can’t keep producing products the same way we’ve been accustomed to. The world is moving too fast for traditional manufacturing to keep up. LM Industries is on a mission to transform mass manufacturing to micro-manufacturing in order to match the new pace of technology and quickly changing consumer needs.”

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