Local Motors will improve the development of its 3D printed “Olli’ shuttle” by raising over $1 billion

Local Motors collaborated with Elite Parking Services, and Texas-based Xcelerate to secure third party operational support as well as vehicle financing for their autonomous shuttle, Olli.

Olli is the first autonomous 3D printed transit vehicle manufactured by Local Motors, a mobility company. Its components are created by a Cincinnati Inc BAAM printer and a digital design file which varies according to the specific demand of each client.

Customers who have existing relationships with transit companies will have the ability to finance just the vehicle with Xcelerate for up to 84 months and continue to work with their existing operations and monitoring partners.

The solution of ETS to support the development of Olli consists in a routine maintenance, warranty service, insurance, monitoring, management, operations and many more. For these customers who engage ETS’s services, ETS is also offering up to $1 billion in financing.

In addition to funding from ETS, Xcelerate has agreed to provide up to $20 million in Olli Vehicle financing.


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