That seems like minutes ago that Kodak was making its entrance in the additive manufacturing industry and at that moment, most of us were figuring out a 3D printer capable to photograph people. It was rather a more realistic idea that Kodak implemented, a FDM 3D Printer and thereafter a 3D scanner.

Today, the expert of imaging science would combine this expertise to 3D printing. To make this dream come true, it will collaborate with Evolve Additive Solutions, a Stratasys company.

Electrophotographic technology

Electrophotography is a “photography in which an image is transferred onto paper by means of electrical rather than chemical processes.”

What this collaboration means in concrete terms is that Kodak will supply Evolve imaging systems, parts and consumables based on the KODAK NEXPRESS digital electrophotographic platform.

Evolve aims to further enhance its STEP technology (Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process), in anticipation of the commercial release in 2020. In order to achieve this goal, both companies have signed Joint Development Agreements for equipment and materials. Moreover, Kodak has licensed relevant intellectual property to Evolve.


It’s been 40 years that the specialist of science imaging is involved in electrophotographic technology. Its platform provides print capabilities in a modular package. Evolve may benefit from this platform by exploiting Kodak’s toner manufacturing process to make the part toners for its system.

The electrophotographic technology completes the whole value chain of manufacturing (hardware, materials, processes, workflow software, and services) and contributes to produce quality 3D printed finish parts cost effectively at high speed.

We are very encouraged by the opportunity to expand our electrophotographic platform capabilities outside of 2D imaging to the 3D printing or additive manufacturing sector,” said John O’Grady, President, Print Systems Division, Kodak. “Having worked closely with the talented staff of engineers working on the STEP technology for several years, we are confident Evolve will help change the way the organizations approach production of plastic parts for manufacturing.”

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