Kodak is a technology company that directly and through partnerships provides hardware, software, consumables and services to customers of various activities such as entertainment, commercial print and graphic arts. Kodak entered the 3D printing industry late 2017 by the launch of a 3D printer designed for the professional and education market.

In less than a month of its entrance in the 3D printing market, Kodak joins forces with Twindom, its brand licensee, to produce Kodak’s Full Body 3D Scanner.

Twindom, which was founded in 2012, specialises in 3D body scanning technology. The scanners are used to make 3D printed figurines and R&D labs.

The Kodak Full Body 3D Scanner

The printer is said to have a base price of $29,995, accompanied with a monthly cloud subscription. The printer’s unique selling point is its ability to consistently produce 3D scans all the while maintaining high throughput, which is possible because of Twindom’s scanning technology.

The success of the unveiling of the new 3D Scanner at the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) resulted in this announcement. A strong interest of this scanner was expressed by many entrants at this show who wanted to get themselves scanned. Those who got themselves scanned were able to claim a code to have the printed figurine shipped to them. One of Twindom’s co-founders, Will Drevno, says “With the incredible interest we saw at CES were expecting a diverse and large array of customers to adopt the KODAK Full Body 3D Scanner in the coming months

Twindom is sweetening the deal by offering much more than just the 3D scanner. Entrepreneurs, businesses and other practices who will adopt the scanner can expect free 3D print and cloud credits, free Lighting Kits and Vinyl Curtain Wrap. But, this is a limited time offer.

Kodak’s Full Body 3D scanner is now currently available to start shipping to consumers within the U.S and Canada.


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