Interest in UpNano’s micro additive manufacturing rises

close-up of hand holding sustrate mit numerous miniature springs; NanoOne printer in the background

In just two years of activities, UpNano has developed high-resolution 3D printing systems based on 2-photon polymerization that are raising interest within industries.

Last year, the spin out of the TU Wien had demonstrated how its technology could manufacture cm-sized bending and tensile test specimens. According to the Vienna-based tech company, the 2PP 3D-printing system is capable of manufacturing across twelve orders of magnitude allowing for the production of polymeric microparts from the nano to centimeter range.

The company prides itself on its unique ability to meet the requirements of both industry and academia with this ultra-precise production technology. Indeed, the versatility of the machine’s design can be customized to customers’ specifications. “Especially strong assets of the NanoOne are a high-power laser, an optimized optical pathway, the patented adaptive resolution technology and purpose developed algorithms for laser scanning” the company ensures.

First utilizations of UpNano’s 2PP 3D-printing system reveal production applications of highly transparent components. The high-powered laser of the NanoOne allows to deliver the necessary energy to polymerize this specific material, and the team of this anonymous customer has also received a team of in-house specialists from UpNano to develop the material in accordance with exact customer requirements.

Bernhard Küenburg, CEO of UpNano, comments on the successful cooperation and deal: “The NanoOne convinces with an innovative adaptive resolution technology that together with an optimized optical path and smart algorithms utilizes the full power of our exceptionally strong laser. All this allows us to add specific functionalities to the system that meet individual customer requests such as the ones of our industry partners.”

Future applications, this time achieved by two universities in the DACH region and a Scandinavian one will demonstrate the the capabilities of the printing-system in material sciences, especially guest particles and tender procedures.

In the wake of this successful market entry the company also doubles the floor space in its Vienna headquarter and appointed a new Head of Global Sales, who has a proven track record in the industry.

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