Cadence Design Systems has unveiled a Cadence® Sigrity 2018 which includes new 3D capabilities that enable PCB design teams to increase design cycles while optimizing cost and performance. For those who do not know the company it specializes in electronic systems and semiconductor.

The potential of a 3D design and 3D analysis environment into Sigrity tools

The integration of 3D design and 3D analysis into Sigrity tools with Cadence Allegro technology does not allow a lot of error-prone solution than current alternatives using third-party modeling tools. This enables to save gain some time in the design cycle process and reduce risk.

Furthermore, a new 3D Workbench methodology “bridges the mechanical components and the electronic design of PCB and IC packages, allowing connectors, cables, sockets and the PCB breakout to be modeled as one with no double counting of any of the routing on the board. Interconnect models are divided at a point where the signals are more 2D in nature and predictable. By allowing 3D extraction to be performed only when needed and fast, accurate 2D hybrid-solver extraction to be performed on the remaining structures before all the interconnect models are stitched back together, full end-to-end channel analysis can be performed efficiently and accurately of signals crossing multiple boards.”

Lastly, users can benefit from Rigid-Flex support for field solvers such as the Sigrity PowerSI® technology which allows robust analysis of high-speed signals moves from rigid PCB materials to flexible ones.

It is therefore possible to use the same techniques previously used only on rigid PCB designs to create continuity in analysis practices while PCB manufacturing and material processes continue to evolve.

At Lite-On, our Storage Business Group (SBG) focuses on solid state disk enterprise datacenter product design. It has become increasingly important to consider signal and power integrity on our extremely dense designs,” said Andy Hsu, Lite-On SBG R&D head. “In order to enhance 2D layout and 3D connector structure integration, Lite-On SBG has accelerated our design cycle by adopting the Cadence 3D solutions including Sigrity PowerSI 3DEM and the Sigrity 3D Workbench, which support seamless use of Cadence Allegro layout and Sigrity extraction tools. Our engineers can simulate more accurately and efficiently and deliver customer-oriented results.”


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