ExOne has announced the availability of a new material, 304L stainless steel, through its Production Service Center (“PSC”) in North Huntingdon, PA.

The material would be appropriate for the manufacturer’s 3D printers. According to ExOne, it provides high durability, corrosion resistance and is not that much expensive.

In terms of materials, the provider of 3D printers is increasingly gaining a certain expertise on the market. At the beginning of the year for instance, the company worked in collaboration with SGL Group to manufacture CARBOPRINT, a material that combines both carbon and graphite components.

Back to the 304L stainless steel…

Areas of activity such as appliances, marine, medical, kitchenware, fasteners, and heat exchangers might take advantage of the single alloy material.

ExOne’s binder jetting 3D printing technology would be qualified for the use of the 304L. As a reminder, such technology enables users to 3D print parts that cannot be created with traditional subtractive manufacturing methods. Furthermore, the technology would be more affordable than other additive manufacturing technologies.

Stainless Steel 304L Pipe Fittings – Image via FIT Wel Industries

Rick Lucas, Chief Technology Officer at ExOne, commented: “304L is another example of our binder jet 3D printers being used to make high density, single alloy components for use in a multitude of industries. By using the same metal powders that are used in the metal injection molding industry, we are able to quickly develop materials that meet MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation) Standard 35 and cost significantly less than parts produced using other 3D technologies such as powder bed fusion technologies.”

Lastly, the company also offers printing of matrix metals including 420 stainless steel infiltrated with bronze and 316 stainless steel infiltrated with bronze.

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