Anisoprint has announced today a new package that will help companies navigate through their composite 3D printing journey. Named Desktop Anisoprinting, the solution includes a range of tailor-made polymers, verified printing settings and training courses dedicated to continuous fiber 3D printing.

It look like the Russian manufacturer has designed the package with every type of user in mind. Be it advanced users or beginners, the package is designed to raise every profile’s interest in continuous fiber 3D printing.

In collaboration with materials producer Polymaker, the 3D printer manufacturer has developed specially formulated polymers such as the Smooth PA and the CFC PA. The processing of these materials on Anisoprint’s proprietary Composite Fiber Co-extrusion (CFC) technology requires a combination of preliminary impregnated and cured fiber with plastic during the printing to get a composite.

The CFC PA delivers enhanced composite material mechanics and desired adhesion to the reinforcing fiber. The Smooth PA on the other hand, offers perfect surface quality and does not require any drying step. The materials is based on carbon fiber filled polyamide and is perfectly suitable for external shells of the part.

As far as printing profiles are concerned, the company explains in a press communication that the various printing profiles for a wide range of plastics have been thoroughly checked, removing therefore material waste for tuning. These profiles include ideal temperature, speed, layer thickness and cooling to name a few of them.

Adopting new technologies is always a challenge, but it’s the only way to compete and survive in the modern economy. We want to support our customers in this journey and help them to make it smooth. That’s why we are launching Desktop Anisoprinting there is everything you need to start 3D printing with composites and introduce yourself to the future of manufacturing” — says Fedor Antonov, CEO of Anisoprint.

Available for commercialization as from end of November, engineers and companies could already discover more about the Desktop Anisoprinting solution on October 15th during a dedicated webinar.

Anisoprint has recently contributed in the dossier of our latest magazine, 3D ADEPT Mag, which discussed the use of Composite 3D printing and the value proposition of this niche technology.

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