Cypress will support a hybrid instrument cluster with 3D graphics and a head-up display.

Image via Cypress

Cypress enables dynamic 3D graphics in hybrid instrument clusters and head-up displays with a new automotive MCU solution.

The highly integrated, single-chip devices in the S6J32xEK series include an advanced 3D and 2.5D graphics engine and provide scalability with Cypress’ low-pin-count HyperBus™ memory interface. The series continues Cypress’ expansion of its broad automotive portfolio with differentiated system performance via its MCUs, wireless radios, capacitive-touch solutions, memories and Power Management ICs (PMICs).

Our automotive customers are looking to integrate increasingly more dynamic 3D graphics in their hybrid instrument cluster and head-up displays to appeal to consumers,” said Mathias Braeuer, product marketing director of the Automotive Business Unit at Cypress. “Cypress developed our new Traveo MCU series specifically to provide a scalable, cost-effective, single-chip solution to address these applications, and we are pleased to having some of the world’s leading automotive suppliers designing in this solution.

The Traveo S6J32xEK series integrates up to 4MB of high-density embedded flash, 512 KB RAM and 2MB of Video RAM, an Arm® Cortex®-R5 core at 240-MHz performance, a Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) video output, a Low-Voltage Transistor-Transistor Logic (LVTTL) video output and a 6x stepper motor control. This combination enables the devices to serve as single-chip solutions to drive two displays. The devices have up to two 12-pin HyperBus memory interfaces that dramatically improve read and write performance of graphical data and other data or code.

A single HyperBus interface can be used to connect to two memories for Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates, which enable end-users to get software fixes and new features and applications for their vehicles on-the-go. The devices support all in-vehicle networking standards required for instrument clusters, including Controller Area Network-Flexible Data (CAN-FD) and Ethernet AVB.

Lastly, the series provides robust security with integrated enhanced secure hardware extension (eSHE) support.

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