Remember when we told you that Silicone is an interesting material and when we highlighted its benefits once it is 3D printed ? (3D ADEPT Mag, Oct.-Nov. Issue 2019 – PP 6-9) Well, another company that has made it its core business is Albright Technologies. Based in the USA, the company has built up extensive experience in the field and supplies silicone components and products for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Consumer and Military/Aerospace applications.

Yesterday, they launched their 3D Printing silicone capability for customers around the world. The company develops a special 3D silicone molding process.

Designed for relatively low-cost rapid turnaround prototyping, users that want to produce a small number of parts for initial testing but are not ready for metal tooling could take advantage from a silicone molder. According to the expert, the latter can provide LSR molding with 3D printed tooling.

This capability of 3D printing and molding LSR is a helpful solution to customers’ problems when trying to develop and prove a concept before investing in metal tooling.” Says Mr. Matt Bont, Product Manager at Albright Silicone.

In a press release, Albright Silicone confirms its ability to print a wide range of relatively rigid high temperature thermoplastic components to meet any development needs. Indeed, since the resolutions can reach a few thousands of an inch or tenths of a mm, the printed parts can be used as an assembly in the 3D casting process or in Albright’s regular LSR product molding, slitting, and assembly processes.

Our capability continues to expand with this technology, and we have developed internal expertise through successfully supporting many appropriate customer projects. We have had very positive feedback from our customers for parts used for initial test prototypes, product launches with investors, and one-off functional parts.” concluded Mr Bont.

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