Aerosint secures €850K in 2nd-round funding for multi-material 3D printing

Aerosint is a Belgian company that creates different capabilities in terms of materials for powder laser sintering technology. The company recently raises €850K in 2nd-round funding for this 3D printing technology.

Usual investors such as Meusinvest Group and Innovation Fund took part in this funding round along side with Peter Mercelis. For those who do not know him, Peter Mercelis is the co-founder of LayerWise (3D Systems’ subsidiary based in Leuven), whose activities are focused on metal additive manufacturing for medical applications.

As part of the board of directors, Peter Mercelis will bring a 15 year- experience in 3D printing to the project. Edouard Moens, Co-Founder and CEO of Aerosint and the rest of the team “are convinced that his unique expertise and network in 3D printing will open up new doors for the Aerosint technology. “Peter has a very strong reputation in the 3D printing industry and we are thrilled to have the chance to work with him”, said the CEO.

The multi-material powder bed 3D printing process

Images via Aerosint

With its 3D printing process, the company is capable to get high-performance polymer 3D printing with zero waste and a wide range of capabilities in terms of materials.

Aerosint’s system exploits a multi-powder technology with a container made up of several patterning drums that selectively puts fine powder voxels line by line. The result is a powder layer composed of more than one powder ready for sintering.

Furthermore, according to the company, “true multimaterial 3D printing can be achieved by successively sintering the different powders that compose each layer.”

The second funding round

As far as this round is concerned, the investment will enable Aerosint to develop the current portfolio, to finance other projects as well as to improve its technology. The company will also hire more employees during the next two years to foster the development and shorten time to market.

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