Inspired by the spring and summer collections of Fashion Label Cos, the 6 3D printed vases of Fashion Label Cos and Olivier Van Herpt will be available in some Fashion Label Cos stores.

Each vase is different from the other. Some designs of Van Herpt have more angular shapes while others have more round shapes.

For two years, he sought to create a 3D printer extruder capable of processing hard clay. Since 2015, he improved his innovation and achieved the final prototype of his 3D clay printer.

The 3D printing process made it possible to create small ridges that are not intentionally visible on the vases. A design of ribs is added to create large objects without compromising stability. Still in this additive manufacturing process, the smooth appearance of the structure hides these structural layers of tiny ribs.

Speaking of this creation, Olivier Van Herpt compares it with the creation of clothes: “It’s almost as if the clothing and wearer merge together to create new forms, and I used this idea as the starting point to develop the vases.”

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