3Diligent is a rapid manufacturing services provider that offers CAD/CAM-based fabrication services such as 3D Printing, CNC machining, casting, and injection molding. Aware of the expensive cost and obsolescence risk of 3D printer ownership, 3Diligent decided to 5 years ago to bring its contribution through affordable AM services.

Over time, it has been able to evaluate the evolution of technologies on the market, especially metal 3D Printing hence its new 2019 State of Metal 3D Printing Report.

Can metal 3D Printing be overwhelming?

Even though several high-profile projects from Fortune 500 companies require the use of metal 3D Printing, it should be noted that the existing various technologies are not always easy to apprehend both for adepts and laypersons.

In this report, 3Diligent aims at highlighting technologies that may represent candidates for this breakthrough in metal printing efficiency.

Furthermore, the company also seized the opportunity to unveil data from its projects in order to add a certain value to the advancement of metal 3D printing in this context.

According to research conducted by 3Diligent of 3D Printing project requests in 2018, 45 percent requested metal printing processes, while 45 percent specified polymer, and the balance left the decision to 3Diligent and its network of fabricators to suggest an optimal process. This represents dramatic growth in metal printing demand since 2015, when just 14 percent of 3D Printing project requests were for metal processes.

“Metal 3D Printing is continuing to experience rapid growth, both in volume and variety. Understanding the various technologies available can be overwhelming,” said Cullen Hilkene, 3Diligent CEO. “We’ve published this report in hopes that it can help readers make better informed decisions with their metal 3D Printing projects, whether it be making capital investments or identifying manufacturing partners.”

You may find the 24-page report here.

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