DMP Flex 100 and DMP Dental 100 are the names of the two last metal 3D printers released by 3D Systems. The DMP Flex 100 is dedicated to metal 3D printing applications in general whereas the DMP Dental 100 will serve digital dentistry.

Both 3D printers may push R&D forward in their respective sector.

However, with a build volume of 100 x 100 x 80 mm (3.94 x 3.94 x 3.15 in), the DMP Flex 100 produces accurate metal parts with complex fine details and thin walls. The final rendering obtained with this printer is as fine as Ra 5 μm. With regards to the materials offered, the 3D printer can accept different grades of Titanium as well as other alloys. For now, 3D Systems offers the LaserForm® CoCr (B) and the LaserForm 17-4PH (B) with extensively developed, tested and optimized print databases. Other LaserForm materials ill be announced over time.

The new 3D Systems DMP Flex 100 brings superior quality, versatility and throughput to entry-level metal 3D printing (3D Systems)

3DXpert™, the software that can be used to prepare and optimize plastic and metal 3D printed parts is integrated in this 3D printer.

The issues of dental labs tackled

The DMP Dental 100 metal 3D printer can manufacture metal dental prostheses in digital dentistry. According to the company, the 3D printer “can print up to 90 crown copings in less than four hours in a single print run, with only 25 minutes required for heat treatment*.”

Outstanding surface quality means minimal post-processing is required and a typical print accuracy of 50-microns ensures an exceptional fit for crown copings, bridges, suprastructures as well as for partial frames. To streamline the digital dentistry workflow, the DMP Dental 100 printer comes with LaserForm CoCr (C) material (ISO 13485, ISO 9001, FDA and CE qualified) and includes a high-performance 3D Systems software solution for managing the manufacture of fixed and removable dental prostheses.”

With these announcements, 3D Systems shows its commitment to push metal 3D printing forward. If digital dentistry is a sector addressed today, note that the manufacturer also provides its solutions in the automotive and aeronautics sectors. Discover 3D Systems’ participation in the dossier of the June issue of 3D ADEPT MAG.

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