3D printing school dinners to whet young people’s appetites for STEM

Some grannies believe that food gathers people and arouses discussions. This has proven to be true for the Big Bang fair, that organizes activities and events to encourage young scientists and engineers to take the path of STEM.

This time, it is a “3D Printing school” dinner that has been organized at St Helen’s Primary in Canning Town. The idea is funny but it worked!

Furthermore, according to a report, “71% of 11-16 year-olds think it’s crucial to have access to this kind of technology at school – not just in science labs and classrooms, but the school gym, playground and even the canteen, with 40% believing it will enable them to learn something while they eat.”

As far as 3D Printing is concerned, young people are optimist regarding the potential of the technology. “One fifth (20%) believe we will all have 3D printers in our homes as the norm within 3-4 years, and two thirds (67%) of kids believe it will be the norm within 10 years.”

The Menu

The main dish was Geometric fish & chips – hexagonal beans, cod and potato

As for the sides :

  • Cauliflower cogs – mechanical cogs of cauliflower purée
  • Hummus & guacamole lizard – hummus exoskeleton and avocado scales
  • Fibonacci spiral squash – butternut squash fibonacci spiral with tomato & olive oil
  • Space broccoli – three dimensional broccoli star

This 3D printing school dinner might be the first one, and certainly not the last one.

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