3D Food Printing and Football: how far professionals can go in the creation of their dishes?

On the occasion of the current football world cup which is happening in Russia, companies whatever their industry and professionals have adapted their services to grasp the opportunity to sell more and attract more customers.

Professionals of the food industry are also part of this move. Professionals in hotels, catering, event catering and cake shops make the hearts of football fans beat faster.

Using the Procusini 3D Food Printing System, some examples related to football portray a plate of Choco in a football shape. Filled with a delicious cream, this special dessert is not only intended for football fans.

A football made out of marzipan is also a real eye-catcher. Another great highlight is the Moscow Saint Basil’s Cathedral modelled with marzipan.

And you, did you create something special on the occasion of this football world cup?

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Yosra K.

Passionate about new technologies, I discovered 3D printing through different professional experiences. Aware of the importance of this technology for today's and tomorrow's markets, it is with great pleasure that I share the latest news and analysis related to it, so that you in turn, can take advantage of it. #Staytuned #3DAdept

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  1. June 29, 2018

    […] That would be a very interesting way to introduce 3D Food printing but it should be noted that a chef in a professional kitchen will not only cook 3D printed food. Our aim is really to educate and to communicate to chefs that if 3D printed food is part of their menu, they can bring a real added value on every plate, even though the rest of the dishes is manually cooked. A 3D Food printing system can really serve either a creative or a personal use. […]

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