Procusini 3.0 Dual enters the family of 3D Food printing systems of Procusini

It might be easy to think that in terms of 3D food printers, companies generally have one product. It seems that even this specific industry is not exempt from innovation.

Procusini has recently launched Procusini 3.0 Dual, a new 3D food printer with 2 extruders. Professionals of the food industry can now create two edible-objects in the time it would take for one.

According to the company, the focus on the industry is now is the capacity to create tasty eye catchers such as delicate choco creations for elegant desserts. Indeed, “due to the fact that the production process is automatized after starting the device, [one can] create up to 26 of these chocolate objects in only 78 minutes without involving any staff.”  

Furthermore, the Dual is not limited to the creation of 3D chocolate. Some products such as pasta and cassis fruit puree that were already available with the Procusini 3.0 can also be 3D printed with the Dual. Others such as marzipan and fondant can also be 3D printed.

Note that the 3D printer does not require any specific knowledge for its use.

In addition to its capacity to create customized 3D printed food, 3D food printing would enable to address the issue of storage and transportation. For some experts, 3D printed food can also facilitate swallowing for those who suffer from dysphagia. What we should ask Procusini is if the Dual can also enable to achieve that goal.

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