What would be the main change(s) 3D printed food will bring?

Just as 3D printing aims to customize the product of each customer, according to researchers, Food 3D printing would enable to meet this type of requirement for everyone. It’s quite hard to figure it out when one knows that people cook for themselves.

Jin-Kyu Rhee, associate professor at Ewha Womans University in South Korea, discussed this subject in a research and last week at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting.

Basically, the idea is to implement a platform that requires the use of 3D printing to create food “microstructures that allow food texture and body absorption to be customized on a personal level”

3D printing of food is similar to 3D printing of materials

To 3D print materials, layers are deposited one on top of the other to build up a final product. To 3D print food, a 3D printer produces food with microstructures that replicated the physical properties and nanoscale texture.

Furthermore, carbohydrate and protein powers can be turned into food with microstructures that can be customized to control food texture and how the food is consumed by the body.

According to researchers, 3D print food at home will also enable to reduce food waste and the cost involved with storage and transportation. It might also address the issue of food for populations in need. How? That’s the question, we should ask to our professor.

We are only in early stages, but we believe our research will move 3-D food printing to the next level,” said Rhee. “We are continuing to optimize our 3-D print technology to create customized food materials and products that exhibit longer storage times and enhanced functionality in terms of body absorption.”

The truth is that, people are ready for the use of 3D printing in various sectors of activity but the use of this technology in the food industry would raise some fear and hesitation in the mass public. The question is simple, for those who already know 3D printing technology, would you eat 3D printed food?

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