3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has announced the release of its new 3D printer: the Inkspire.

The Polish company that had accustomed its customers with FDM technology integrated in the M200 Plus, provides today a printer that integrates vat polymerization technology. The company explained that this technology relies on a high-resolution LCD screen with UV LED backlighting
to cure photopolymers layer by layer.

Four main features have to be highlighted when speaking about the INKSPIRE. The 3D printer offers a microscopic precision and a consistent speed. Indeed, the machine can 3D print up to 50x50x25 microns. Its speed of 20-36 mm/h is maintained regardless of how much of the workspace is filled.

Speaking about these capacities, Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax, comments, “an individual pixel in the Zortrax Inkspire measures 50×50 microns, with the layer’s minimum height just 25 microns. The printer can create details that are only visible under the microscope.

Furthermore, users can use external resins for the printing process. They just need to keep in mind that the 3D printer is compatible with all available resins that can be cured by light with 405 nm wavelength.

Moreover, it is possible to adapt some setting according to one’s needs. For instance, print settings such as time of layer’s exposure or rest between layers can be changed on the fly.

3D printer can be used in applications where accuracy is required: precision engineering, dental prosthetics and jewellery.

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