Ma Yihe would be able to build Donald Trump’ s wall using 3D printing

Ma Yihe, founder of WinSun, thinks that his company’s 3D printing technology could build the famous Donald Trump border wall at a good price and in a short time, two conditions that would certainly please any buyer.

WinSun founder Ma Yihe (Image: Zigor Aldama, SCMP)

Donald Trump could build his wall much cheaper and in less than a year. We could definitely do it. Maybe at around 60 per cent of the projected cost and three to four times faster.

WinSun 3D printed courtyard

About such a controversial subject, one can only recognize the potential of the Chinese 3D printing construction company. The company is known as a leader in this field and famous for the titles it won thanks to its achievements such as traditional Chinese courtyards and public toilets.

The secret would be a 3D printer with a length of 40 meters, 10 meter- width and a height of 6.6 meters. 100 people were trained to use it and 129 international patents protect the different parts of the printer.

If they are able to build structures based on traditional architectural plans or 3D models, they stated that they developed a special 3D printing ink made from 100% recycled materials from industrial and construction waste.

In addition, strong trade agreements with Al Mobty Contracting Co., and Saudi Arabia can only work to WinSun’s benefit in this race for the construction of the Trump Wall.

As a guarantee of quality, the company just moved in a 5-storey building it 3D prints itself. A way to reply to interrogations of those who still doubted…

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