A few days ago, we were talking about this 3D printed house in Austin for underserved people, as part of New Story’s project. In Nantes, on March 21st, the TICA architects, as well as a group of partners, inaugurated their first 3D printed house with 5 rooms. In this case, innovation has also been used for the benefit of social housing.

This inauguration aims to show the world that it is possible to build differently. The 3D printed house demonstrates the assets of 3D printing in the construction sector and the growing place of robotization in tomorrow’s careers.

Johanna Rolland, President of Nantes Métropole; Alain Robert, President of Nantes Métropole Habitat; Mohammed Bernoussi, First Vice-President of the University of Nantes; Chantale Nonnotte, Deputy Regional Director of Caisse des Dépôts; and Vincent Lamande, president of the SATT Ouest Valorisation.

On the other hand, it also reduces some trades that are often considered as high-risk professions in the construction field.

If this construction enables to optimize topology, it should be noted that 3D printing, once more proves that it is a technology that enables to save time and achieve complex shapes.

images via batiprint3d

Speaking about the process of construction of this 3D printed house, one can read on the website of batiprint: “The advanced technology consists of depositing 3 layers of materials using a polyarticulated industrial robot: two layers of expansive foam serve as formwork for a third layer of concrete. Once the walls have been constructed, the foam is kept in place in order to insulate the house without thermal bridging. At the end of the operation, the mobile robot emerges through an opening provided for the fitting of the joineries.

It is only a matter of time before all cities adopt this process or at least, use 3D innovation for the benefit of social.

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