YARRA 3DX, the highly coveted 3D Audio system on Kickstarter

YARRA 3DX is an affordable and immersive 3D Audio sound projector for gaming, VR/AR, music, home theater and conferencing.

The innovation is the creation of Comhear Inc., a San Diego-based company which aims to transform the listening experience at work and at play by combining innovative audio technology with a passion for healthier audio.

Launched yesterday on Kickstarter, the campaign has exceeded in 4 hours its goal which was to get 50 000 $.


Guess why?

YARRA 3DX incorporates a 3D audio reproduction system that delivers the same immersive entertainment experience as multiple speaker home theaters and 3D audio headphones.

The smart device uses MyBeam™ (another property of Comhear Inc.), a beaforming technology and a software developed at 3D audio research facilities.

While developing the 3D sound, the user also discovers an improved experience of virtual reality, advanced gaming, home theater as well as hi-res music.

It is obviously possible to adjust the setting according to one’s listening experience.

Comhear Inc explained on Kickstarter: YARRA 3DX allows users to optimize the sound for head position, size, and location by selecting user defined HRTFs (head related transfer functions). The result is better audio fidelity, more accurate sound staging, greater low level detail, and completely natural hearing that surpasses traditional sound bars.”



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