XJET to perform “a magic trick” with its 3D Printing technology at AMUG

XJET will join the AMUG Conference that will open its doors on March 31st. The Israel-based manufacturer promises to unveil a new application made possible with its technology in addition to a small magic trick during live demonstrations.

This will be the first time a US audience can see the removal of XJet’s soluble support for metal demonstrated,” says XJet CBO Dror Danai,Experiencing it live is the best way to fully comprehend the speed and efficiency of the process. It really is magical when you see the material dissolve away so quickly, in its entirety, and start to think of the viable applications.”

While the company inspires curiosity among the 3D printing community, let’s remind that it is committed to providing an all-in-one solution for both metal and ceramic 3D Printing.

In a manufacturing process, every stage counts and must be taken into consideration until one obtains the end-product. Material removal process often raises some concerns when it comes to details of parts as seen in internal cavities, lattice structures, and microstructures, hence the long working hours spent on software to position parts on the print bed.

XJET therefore brings a soluble support material solution that reduces manual labor requirements while improving the process. According to the company, dissolving rapidly in a water-based, hazard-free solution, the advantages of soluble support materials are striking.

XJET’s solution required a lot of time in R&D laboratories but this perseverance is worthy today. The soluble support material for metal only requires a matter of seconds to perfect the whole picture and facilitate the end of the manufacturing process.

As Danai compares this perseverance in R&D to the one of Michael Jordan in his game and to what the basketball player once said: “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed”; we couldn’t help but think of how far the company has gone to position itself in this industry.

Indeed, with installations now complete in three states across the USA – in addition to double-digit installs around the globe, the company does not seem to have failed over and over but rather seems to be in a state of continuous improvement and development.

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