XJET opens an AM center for metals and ceramics in Israel

While IN(3D)USTRY and Euro PM 2018 are currently drawing the attention of European companies in Europe – Spain, in Israel, XJET is currently celebrating a milestone in its additive manufacturing (AM) activities.

With an investment of over 10 million dollars, XJET has opened an additive manufacturing center for metals and ceramics. Based in Rehovot Science Park, the 8,000 square foot facility integrates a wide range of metals and ceramic 3D printers worldwide including the XJET CARMEL AM Systems. Remember, this product line was launched at Formnext last year and has lately been made available in the UK.

XJet Carmel AM systems are currently available with one of two printing materials, stainless steel or zirconia. Our vision is a platform that prints with a multitude of metals and ceramics on the same part. We will use the AM Centre to develop and demonstrate specialized applications, print test parts for our global customer base, and trial new metal and ceramic materials”, said XJet CEO Hanan Gothait.

I’m extremely proud of the progress made by the XJet team over the last year. In addition to opening the AM Center, which will speed up operations at XJet, we also held our first open house event at YBI in North America, and started working with a turnkey manufacturing company,” states Gothait, “NPJ technology delivers a step change in metal and ceramic additive manufacturing, and with huge potential in each market we’re working hard to build an infrastructure to support the rapid growth we will drive for the business. We look forward to sharing even more progress with the wider community at formnext next month.”

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