The most eagerly awaited event in the UK has opened its doors today. For 3 days, companies will be showing their 3D printing innovations and will do their best to be unforgettable in the visitors’ mind. As we know, partnerships are the basis of the industry, the key factor that enables to foster all sort of businesses. A few companies have already unveiled new collaborations:

Shapeways and Stratasys for multi-material 3D printing manufacturing services

With the full-color 3D Printing technology of Stratasys, the J750, we could only imagine a partnership with a 3D printing service and marketplace platform. And it is Shapeways that will enable its designers and creators to benefit from multi-material 3D printing.

As a reminder, the Stratasys J750 3D Printer offers more than 500,000 color combinations, highly accurate color-matching, transparent to opaque color gradients, and advanced clear material with texture bringing to life even the finest, most delicate details. The PolyJet-driven solution creates parts that look, feel, and operate like finished products. Eliminating requirements for painting, assembly or heavy post-processing, the Stratasys J750 shrinks production cycles thanks to reliable and consistent printing – part-after-part.

The medical industry benefits from this industry more than others

If you are a regular reader of 3D Adept, you will realize that some applications performed in hospitals are often achieved using the Stratasys J750.

Biologic Models is one of the first Shapeways customers to have unprecedented access to the Stratasys J750 printer. The company visualizes protein data and 3D prints it as highly detailed models that are millions of times larger than the protein’s actual size. These multi-colored models help explain the nature of health and disease taking place on the molecular landscape and are a useful visual aid for educators explaining the properties of a specific protein.

Distribution of industrial additive manufacturing systems

Additive Industries, the Netherlands-based manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems will work with Laser Lines Ltd to ensure its expansion in UK and Ireland. The announcement follows the launch of the Process & Application Development network of the company with a Centre in the UK.

Founded in 1975, Laser Lines ltd provides 3D printing systems in the region. The company also offers an end-to-end service which includes training, installation, maintenance and repair services.

On another side, XJET, a Chinese additive manufacturing company that competes on the international level with other manufacturers, has appointed Carfulan Group as its first distributor of its AM systems in the UK.  Operating under the name of XJ3D, the Derbyshire-based company already provides UK manufacturers with other technological solutions.

 XJet’s Carmel AM System product line was launched last year at Formnext. The system enables professionals of the metal and ceramic additive manufacturing industries to print ultra-fine layers of nanoparticle “inks” or fluids for the build and support materials.

The company’s patented NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) technology stands apart from other ceramic and metal AM technologies due to the use of this unique liquid dispersion and inkjet process, as opposed to a powder-bed technology, delivering superior quality of parts in terms of detail, density and freedom of design.

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