Beam-IT marks the beginning of commercialization of XJet Carmel1400 AM System in Italy

Today marks another milestone in XJET’s activities.  In fact, this quarter is a pretty good one for XJET. At the end of September, the company entered on the UK market, last month, it opened an AM center for metals and ceramic in Israel and today, the company announced its first sale in Italy.

Beam-IT is the Italian company that has made XJET very happy by purchasing an XJet Carmel1400 AM System. Th system is expected to be installed before the end of this year and marks Italy as the seventh country where an XJET system is installed.

Beam-IT has thrust itself into working with this new emerging technology, as a competitor to traditional casting processes. One of our next joint development programs with an aeronautical customer will be based on this interesting technology when applying metal alloys,” says Gabriele Rizzi, Beam-IT Sales Manager.

As a reminder, the NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) technology of XJET uses a liquid dispersion process which provides advantages in mechanical and geometric properties on the one hand, on the other hand, in terms of quality parts and design freedom.

As far as operational and safety advantages, it should be noted that the system does not require an in-depth knowledge and a long training.

With ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certifications in automotive, medicine, avionic/aerospace and racing, quality forms a big part of the picture at Beam-IT. “As Italy’s leading AM service bureau, we have partnerships with the most prominent companies in the biomedical, aeronautic, aerospace, racing and industrial sectors, similarly key universities and research institutions. As such, it’s imperative we produce items of the highest quality. After reviewing parts produced using XJet technology we were extremely impressed with levels of precision and detail on the parts. Near-net-shape was another crucial factor as the more time we can take off post-processing the better the process we have, giving our teams confidence to go for more complex and sophisticated parts designed for AM.”

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