Women Under 50 Should Opt for 3D Mammography

Statistics from the Canadian Company of Cancer show that in 2017, 5000 women died of a breast cancer, a statistic that represents 13% of causes of death in women. In order to prevent this cause of fatality, Solis Mammography, a specialist of breast imaging recommends that women under 50 should opt for 3D mammography.

Image via 3D Mammography Orange County Breastlink

Indeed, an examination of about 60,000 screenings demonstrates that 3D mammography notably increased cancer detection while decreasing recall rates for women younger than 50. According to James Polfreman, president and CEO, Solis Mammography, “women need to begin their annual mammography at age 40, especially since the American Cancer Society estimates 19 percent of all invasive breast cancer diagnoses in 2018 will be in women younger than 50 years old.”

A way to change breast imaging

Unlike 2D mammography which enables the radiologist to get 4 unique views of the breast, through compressed breast tissue; 3D mammography brings out abnormalities and enables to easily find masses that may be hidden within breast tissue.

As for the patient, she will notice no difference between a 2D exam and a 3D exam. Both types of exams require approximatively the same amount of time, compression and positioning. “The only change a woman will see is that instead of the camera arm of the machine remaining stationary (as in a 2D mammogram) the arm will swing around the breast as it takes the multiple 3D images.”

Image via 3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis) Reno Diagnostic Centers

3D technology certainly enables to detect breast cancer more efficiently. In addition to this technique, a 3D printed breast cancer detector can also be use to diagnose women and prevent the disease. The 3D printed Stormram 4 has been created in The Netherlands to collect cells for biopsy. Furthermore, for those who already suffer from this disease, some companies such as iMedTech may 3D print prosthetic breasts for women.


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