iMedTech uses 3D printing to protect lives of 1000 breast cancer survivors

iMedTech, A South Africa-based company launches a new initiative for breast cancer survivors. Led by iMedTech’s founder Nneile Nkholise, the initiative aims to 3D print 1000 prosthetic breasts for 1000 mastectomy patients.

The Neyne prosthetics on display. Photo via Neyne Prostheses.

A project which is well in line with Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Nneile’s project lays emphasis on the issue of artificial breast forms, a type of prosthetic which is interesting to consider when it comes to the trauma experienced by a breast cancer survivor.

Aware of its environment, iMedTech takes into account the low-income situation of South African women it targeted. Available in a wide range of skin tones, the company 3D printed 1000 external prostheses to give to 1000 mastectomy patients. For the founder, the use of 3D printing was “cheaper and faster than the older methods”.

She reveals in an interview the importance of this technology to achieve her goal: “iMedTech was birthed from my Master’s research on the application of additive manufacturing for the fabrication of external maxillofacial prostheses. I realized how the demand for prostheses is so high while the current methods for manufacturing them couldn’t meet these demands.”

In addition to Nigerian Foundries and Elephab, iMedTech is another example of the advancement of 3D Printing technology in Africa.

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