The launch of BCN3D’s Viscous Lithography Manufacturing (VLM)TM  technology – backed by material partnerships with Arkema and Henkel – has led to tremendous interest from professionals across the world.

A Technology Adoption Program has followed to meet the demand from these professionals. With a great number of registrations from the United States, followed by Germany and other European countries, the developer of IDEX-based 3D printing technologies says the initial premise for this accumulation of early adopters was to orientate the go-to-market through gathering market information across a wide scope of vertical markets.

This way, it would be able to pay specific attention to the real needs of customers, especially when it comes to those within Manufacturing, Automotive, Engineering, Dental, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Jewelry, Product Design, 3D printing services and footwear.

So, what does this VLM™ Technology Adoption Program reveal?

In a press release, BCN3D shares that current AM limitations can be detected with precision, industry and material trends can be identified, and the company has personal contact with the engineers operating the 3D printing labs in a variety of companies. VLM’s versatility makes it capable of covering the entire fabrication life-cycle, from product design to fabrication. BCN3D believes that the benefits will be made extremely apparent in prototyping and end-use parts.

The explanation goes on: Since all manufacturers equipped with this technology can experience full control over every stage in their production processes with AM solutions, the findings from the Technology Adoption Program point to some interesting applications that are on the rise.

Some of the main applications taken from this research include low emission end-use parts, elastomeric components, biocompatible parts, and the mass-customization of high-temperature and high-resistance parts. Furthermore, multi-property opportunities in the medical sector range from the need of different biocompatibility requirements in dental, to complex combinations of rigid and flexible parts in prosthetics and orthosis. Last but not least, regarding the mass production of functional parts, the obvious applications include nesting strategies with water-soluble supports without manual polishing or overmolding solutions. Among this wide variety of applicants are those participating in material development. These elite AM users are testing and furthering new ways to utilize the high viscosity resins that make VLM so unique.

We’ve been able to hone in on what really matters to each individual company by gathering real, tangible information from experienced engineers. We’re aware of special interest regarding multi-material, and thus multi-property and water-soluble applications. Of course, functional materials also hold huge potential”, Xavier M. Faneca, CEO of BCN3D comments.

The next step for the company is now to select20 elite customers to become the first to acquire these systems which will be installed in their own facilities during the spring of 2023.

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