Ultimaker, sponsor and supplier to GE Additive Education Program (AEP)

Early on this week, GE Additive announced that applications are open for the 2018 cycle of its Additive Education Program (AEP) ; Polar3D being a sponsor of the program. Ultimaker also joins the team today as a sponsor and a supplier to the GE AEP.

As part of the AEP, GE is investing $10 million over five years in educational programs to deliver polymer 3D printers to primary and secondary schools and metal 3D printers to colleges and universities around the world.

As a reminder, desktop polymer printers will be used on the Polar Cloud by beginners around the world.  Priority will be given to institutions serving ages 8-18 with a strong commitment to Science, Technology, Education and Math (STEM) education. Packages include Polar Cloud-enabled polymer printers, professional training, educational modules and specific activities for primary and secondary schools across the globe.

Ultimaker and GE Additive, a shared passion for teaching 3D Printing  

Ultimaker also integrates in its strategy the mission of enabling people to discover and learn more about additive manufacturing. Through its “Create Education Project”, the manufacturer of 3D printers shares knowledge, and gives access to content, curriculum, lessons, projects and best practices, in order to enable lecturers to teach 3D printing. The program has more than 100 global members.

Furthermore, the company is a founding sponsor of Construct3D, an education conference specifically tailored to desktop 3D printing.

We are thrilled to have been asked and excited to participate in helping GE provide schools around the world with access to 3D printers,” stated John Kawola, President, Ultimaker North America.

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