Finally, it is Friday. The day we all look forward to every week. Before closing off the computers and smartphones, before unplugging ourselves from the world – let us resume what we saw this week.

Carbon Fiber + 3D printing = An automotive solution!

Automotive industry is making great strides as Rapid Fit, a subsidiary of Materialise, has launched a modular system for automotive tooling with the mixture of carbon fiber beams and 3D printed elements.

Beer company + 3D print = ?

New Agorist, a beer company, recently unveiled its 3D printed faucet for its customers. This is especially interesting for those who run draught systems.


3D Printing at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Royal wedding is about to become even more fashionable with the help of additive manufacturing. The royal couple aims to dedicate the fight against single-use plastic bottle and SodaStream helps them in that sense by designing a limited edition of 3D printed “bottle hats” inspired by iconic looks sported by female royals.

3D print Mammography

It is now recommended for women under the age of 50 to opt for 3D Mammography. Read why and how!

3D Printed Robot

Boston Dynamics surprises us with Atlas. Never heard of him? He is the 3D printed robot that can jog, walk and jump!


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