Titomic Limited & Gilmour Space Technologies: on their way to produce 3D Printed rocket and space components

Titomic and Gilmour Space Technologies join forces for the additive manufacturing of high-performance rocket and aerospace components.

Adam and James Gilmour, two brothers, founded Gilmour Space in 2013. The company has paved the way to innovative hybrid propulsion technologies in Australia and aims to facilitate their access to space by reducing their cost.

Since the launch of its Kinetic Fusion Process, Titomic has impressed the industry with various applications in the aerospace and defence industries. Today, this Statement of Strategic Intent and Technical Development signed with Gilmour opens the doors to new technological opportunities across several fields within the global space industry.

Both companies will increase their R&D efforts to fabricate and produce rocket components using Titomic’ TKF systems. To make it happen, their experts will develop a new digital manufacturing process. Lastly, it goes without saying that the results of this collaboration will be a giant leap in Australia’s space exploration activities.

As a reminder, the Titomic Kinetic Fusion process enables both manufacturing of large-size metal parts and high-volume production of complex-shaped parts of dissimilar metals. Very few metal AM technologies can produce viable space components. Titomic distinguished itself among others of the same range by its capability to produce metal parts of up to 9mt long and 3mt wide – in other terms to fabricate in a single piece.

Mr. James Gilmour, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, stated: “Gilmour Space is developing new launch vehicles to support today’s global small satellite market, and this partnership could see us leveraging on Titomic’s innovative manufacturing processes to produce lighter and stronger components for our orbital launch vehicles.

Mr. Jeff Lang, Titomic Founder & Managing Director stated: “Titomic is increasingly becoming a significant player in the global Aerospace, Defence and Space industries”. In the space industry, other examples include Relativity and mu Space, Orbex, Rocket Lab to name a few of them.

 “By partnering with Gilmour Space it is further evidence that TKF technology has the potential for a multiplicity of applications for future industries to improve manufacturing affordability and sustainability of resources”.

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