This is Jane, an iconic motorbike with redesigned with the help of 3D Printing

VIBA, a manufacturer of limited-edition motorbikes, has given a second life to a classic motorbike using 3D printed parts. It is Jane, a motorbike that has been redesigned from the Honda monkey.

The original version has certainly impressed people thanks to celebrities such as John Lennon or the Jackson Five that drove it in the 70’s. Today, VIBA combined elegance, innovation and design in a contemporary vehicle.

Using 3D printing, experts from the company achieved a simple design. The manufacturer also called for the help of SLM Solutions to produce an aluminium 3D printed fuel tank. In addition to improving weight, SLM Solutions’ technology enabled to design parts that were not possible using the milling technique.

To manufacture the front mudguard, they integrated a voronoï structure where the lenticular headlight is.

Based on the production Honda Monkey, Jane is developing this mischievous and light spirit, keeping this bike qualities, suitable to modern life conditions. It remains accessible to everyone with the low saddle height, the small optimized low consumption engine, or the reliability of all parts allowing moving without limits.”

The manufacturing of bikes

In the manufacturing of bikes, VIBA is not the only manufacturer that takes advantage of 3D printing. In this industry, CRP Group also distinguishes itself among other manufacturers. Indeed, the company has proven the market it is able to combine both additive and subtractive technologies to manufacture its race motorbikes. A few examples of its innovations can be seen in the manufacturing of Ego Corsa, and Bolid-E.

Italian Volt, another manufacturer of bikes also shared an interesting example in the manufacturing of a recent motorbike.

So far, the common feature to these innovative fabrications is that it is not yet possible to use 3D printing as the only technology in a manufacturing process.

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