They liked the products so much that they launch their own 3D printing venture. Meet Additure.

For the British manufacturing industry and beyond.

We’ve witnessed a lot of company launches in this industry but very few captured my attention like Kingsbury did. The company headquartered in Gosport, Hampshire, has been inspired by Victor Kiam, an entrepreneur in the 70s who did an advertisement of Remington razors, and the strapline that it had. He liked the product so much he bought the company.

In the same way, the engineering equipment supplier liked the products they are selling so much that they have decided to pivot their business model with a new 3D metal printed parts venture: Additure.

Attention is to be made on the “why” that supports this launch: “Everybody is very keen to understand what this technology can do, but there’s not been enough interest to warrant a substantial capital investment in machines,” said Richard Kingsbury, Managing Director.

Additure is therefore on a mission to deliver a no-nonsense approach to additive manufacturing, making it easier than ever to understand. “We know the interest is very much there, but caution has until this point prevailed”, the company adds. 

Many who are already enthusiastic about the power of 3D metal printing have yet to decide to invest, and this largely stems from a lack of helpful information and available education.

With this in mind, Additure commits to showing and simplifying the processes, technology and mechanics so more people see precisely what additive manufacturing is: a tool.

In this vein, two main processes will be at the heart of Additure’s production environment: Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (or WAAM) and Laser Powder Bed Fusion (or LPBF) – Kingsbury has been a long-time investor and distributor of GEFERTEC’s WAAM machines.  While LPBF is the most widely used metal AM process, WAAM on the other hand remains the least highlighted metal AM process. Yet, the first patent for this technology was granted in the 1920s. At 3D ADEPT Media, we have been monitoring the evolution of this technology: not only did we investigate on the reason for this low prominence, but the manufacturing business in 2021 also saw the rise of Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) as a viable technology for production applications.

We envision a world where this exceptional technology is easily understood and regularly adopted. Additure intends to grow the market by breaking additive manufacturing down into the simple questions: why, how, and when. Customers and partners can be assured that we will be open and transparent to help develop their knowledge base and better establish this tool. We take great pride in our roles as experts and engineers – not salespeople. For industries to choose additive manufacturing, the processes must be accessible and digestible. That’s why we don’t just fill orders; we fill gaps in knowledge”, said Ian Brooks, Technical Director at Additure.

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