You remember the famous “Game Boy“? The Youtuber Sudomod literally pimps it thanks to 3D printing. During a challenge, this maker turned an Altoids’ mint box into a Raspberry Pi game console, which just fits in a pocket.

If it is a little surprising that mint sweets are distributed in a metal box tin, Sudomod’s creativity is particularly recognised for bringing the best of this metal box thanks to a project of Raspberry Pi: The mintyPi 2.0.

With the help of previously modelled 3D printed parts, the manufacturer successfully transformed and made the Altoids box into a Rasperry Pi game console. This new game console has features that were not present in the previous one.

It is actually constituted of an integrated hinge to hold the larger screen while playing. It also possesses a USB sound rather than PWM audio; and a WI-FI, provided by the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

The only striking resemblance to the original is that mintyPi 2.0 runs the Emulating RetroPie platform.

I’ve been working on a much-improved version of the mintyPi project I showed off a while back,Sudomod says. “It uses 3D printed parts to drastically improve the look and comfort of it, so it’s actually something you wouldn’t mind sticking in your pocket and playing games on.”

Sudomod is currently writing a detailed guide that would allow makers like him to build their own Raspberry Pi game console from Altoids boxes. They will just have to not throw away their Altoids box after eating mints. 😉

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