TEI (Tooling and Equipment International) and voxeljet signed a 3-year Volume Contract to produce 3D printed sand molds and cores.

TEI specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing of prototype, pre-production and mass production equipment for the casting industry. Voxeljet on the other hand, provides large-format 3D printers and on-demand parts services to industrial and commercial customers. The company released in September a 3D printing system based on its High Speed Sintering (HSS) process.

The contract of TEI and voxeljet

As part of this contract, TEI will purchase over 500 000 liters of 3D printed sand from voxeljet within a three-year period. Voxeljet on its side will install additional printing capacity in TEI’s Livonia facility as well as using its existing machines in their Canton, MI facility.

TEI is has a comprehensive low-pressure aluminum casting facility with heat treatment and a state-of-the-art machine shop with over 50 CNC machines. The company supplies machined prototype and low volume components in aluminum, iron and steel to automotive, aerospace and defense customers.

Using voxeljet’s 3D printing systems, will enable the company to extend its offering to all phases of manufacturing from one source: design, 3D sand printing, casting, heat treatment, machining, and inspection.

Oliver Johnson, President of TEI commented: “This is an outstanding opportunity for both companies to further capitalize on the benefits of large scale 3D sand printing for engineered aluminum castings. With voxeljet working alongside us to supply molds and cores, we will be able to compress lead times even further for our customers while also setting new records in terms of the size and weight of parts we can cast.”

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