​​​SolidMaker, a manufacturer of 3D Printers has launched its latest SLA 3D Printer on Kickstarter. Affordable, the 3D Printer would make accurate and fast SLA 3D Printing.

With the maturity of the market, prices on FDM and LCD printers have become more affordable for hobbyists and professionals alike. But stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers remain a logical choice for quality.

Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers use a powerful UV laser to project a complete slice of a geometric 3D object onto a liquid bath of photosensitive resin.

This results in faster printing, higher precision and unbeatable surface finishes. Until now, quality SLA printers have been cost prohibitive for most users and have remained in limited use, mostly with professionals and industry applications.

Images via SolidMaker

“Our goal with SolidMaker was to deliver the power and precision of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing without the high cost and difficult learning curve of existing printers. To do so, we took the best SLA technology, redesigned the format as a compact desktop unit and created an intuitive control interface that makes high-quality 3D printing as easy as pushing a button. With SolidMaker, anyone can unlock their creativity and start 3D printing from their home, office or school.” –Tin Yang, CEO SolidMaker.

SolidMaker 3D Printer specifications

Although small enough to fit on a desktop, SolidMaker employs a large build platform for volumes up to 120x120x150mm, making it ideal for medical models, architecture renderings and other large form printing needs.

For any application, the results are impressive, delivering 0.003/0.01mm XYZ accuracy and smooth surface finishes. Along with high precision and incredible detail, SolidMaker maintains excellent printing speed of up to 320mm/s.

The printer has a fully developed and easy-to-use software called SolidPreform, along with a user interface that makes 3D printing easy for anyone and uses a thorough system of tests to avoid printing errors before they occur. With hobbyists and consumers in mind, SolidMaker is intuitive and easy to use. With a one-button print process and easy to understand controls, children and adults alike can easily start their 3D printing with a system that is truly plug and play.

Pre-sales and special incentives to early adopters of SolidMaker are available now on their Kickstarter campaign, with early adopter pricing under $400 USD. 

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