Sintratec is making its first steps into South Korea with L.corporation. The South Korean distributor has a certain experience in the additive manufacturing market. For several years, it has been selling FDM and SLA systems from other manufacturers. The SLS technology was the next technology that should integrate and complete its product portfolio. The company will be selling the Sintratec Kit and the Sintratec S1 in the country.

Apart from Europe and this entrance on the Asian market, it should be noted that Sintratec’s SLS technology is also accessible in the USA. The company is now competing with other leading players of the industry at the international level.

The 3D printing market in South Korea

In Asia, China and South Korea are the countries that draw a lot of attention in the media. The country had allocated € 34M of the annual budget to develop this industry last year. Indeed, achievements in the AM were visible but profitability did not yet meet the expectations of the government.

Furthermore, other European countries are pretty involved in the AM industry. Materialise, for instance, is currently co-creating campaigns with local manufacturing companies to push the production process forward.

However as far as technologies are concerned, Junwhan Lim, CEO of L.corporation declares that “the SLS market in South Korea is still underdeveloped compared to the FDM and SLA markets. In the industrial sector, the SLS market is dominated by EOS. However, the demand for 3D printers in the Korean industry is still below its potential as the necessary skills are lacking. Sintratec’s entry-level models are exactly what they need.”

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