South Korea: 34 million euros in 3D printing

3D printing exhibition in Seoul – Inside 3D printing

An investment which comes at the right time! Leader in this technology, South Korea announces that 41.2 billion Won of the annual budget 2017 (that is 34 million euros) will be allocated to 3D printing to increase the development of the country.

Achievements realized with 3D printing are already visible in different sectors such as education, medicine and the search for new materials.

The South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Planning (MSIP) is determined to improve profitability of the country that has dropped. It announces a massive investment in advanced technologies such as connected objects, virtual and augmented reality and 3D printing.

For Kang Seong-Jo, one of the heads in the ministry: [the 3D printing industry is the essential technology that will make the production more innovative and will create a new market by changing the paradigm of the industry. It is important that the government cooperates to address this rapidly evolving global trend.]