This week has been very hectic in the 3D printing industry, be it in the business or in the medical sectors.

Sintratec on the USA market

Speaking about business, especially the international market, Sintractec, the Switzerland-based company has announced its arrival on the USA market via 3DChimera. The 3D printing specialist will offer the SIntratec Kit through its online store and will be in charge of the customer service of the 3D printer manufacturer.


As a reminder, Sintratec manufactures compact SLS 3D printers which have already enabled researchers to 3D print drugs. Furthermore, before entering the USA market, the technologies of the company have already been made available on the French market via the reseller Kallisto. As for the USA market, the Sintratec Kit completes the product portfolio of 3DChimera by the SLS technology. A portfolio that already contains 3D scanners, printing materials, product design, consultation and training.

Clearance of FLX™ Platform of 3D Printed All-Titanium Interbodies

Centinel Spine, a spinal device company was recently granted 510(k) clearance to commercialize its FLX™ Platform of Integrated Interbody™ and non-integrated interbody fusion devices.Centel Spine focused on anterior column reconstruction.

(Centinel Spine, LLC)

FLX devices are 3D-printed, all-titanium devices which feature a combination of solid and porous radiolucent sections designed to reduce mechanical stiffness and improve visibility, compared to solid titanium implants.  The devices also feature a proprietary FUSE-THRU™ trabecular scaffold, designed to allow for bony in-growth and on-growth throughout the implant.

Medical 3D technologies are increasingly commercialized thanks to FDA, especially when it comes to spine. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to see a real operation exploiting such type of technology. It will enable us to better evaluate its potential.

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