Sintratec is a Switzerland based company specialising in the development and production of 3D printers, more specifically, SLS 3D printers. Many of the company’s printers can be found within various research institutions, universities and industries.

Following Sintratec’s recent news of its printer enabling UK researches to print drugs in 3D, Sintratec expands its distribution network, all the while focusing on improving customer experience, by collaborating with French based 3D printing company known as Kallisto. The company Kallisto has become an official sales partner of Sintratec in France.

Gabor Koppanyi, Sintratec’s Head of Marketing (right) and Pascal Erschler, Director of Kallisto,

Head of Marketing and Sales at Sintratec, Gabor Koppanyi, describes Kallisto as a company that “has profound knowledge in 3D technology for many years and is dedicated to an excellent customer experience. With this co-operation, we can offer our customers shorter delivery times, quick professional consulting and support on-site. We are absolutely certain that our customers in France are in good hands with Kallisto.”

This collaboration benefits Kallisto as it completes their product assortment. Manager of Kallisto, Pascal Erschler, adds that the “Sintratec 3D printers are a great opportunity for our customers to get to know the SLS technology and integrate it into their processes – for example to create small serial parts at an affordable cost.”

Kallisto, who holds various agencies in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux and Arras, was founded in 1999. The company provides consultation on 3D technology solutions, implantation and integration of hardware, as well as trouble shooting and maintenance services.


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