Scaeva’s new patented design includes the use of 3D Printing in the manufacturing

Scaeva Technologies Inc™, inventor of the ScaevaSAFE™ content protection platform will unveil new green spreaker technology at NAMM Show from January 25-28.

The NAMM Show is an annual event dedicated for the music products industry.

Scaeva’s patented ActiveMag™ loudspeaker redefines audio reproduction by replacing core components of existing loudspeakers with an active field coil and a flat panel pistonic audio transducer.  Scaeva protects digital music and film with patented Content-Aware™ encryption.

By eliminating the need for rare earth magnetic materials and copper, the Company has directly addressed several environmental issues. It has been shown that mining rare earth materials, necessary for manufacturing high performance speakers, releases dangerous radionuclides and poisonous contaminants into the environment.

Furthermore, the new patented design would make use of harmless materials as well as highly efficient additive manufacturing methods. The truth is that the company is focused on protecting audio content. We did not receive further information about their 3D Printing technology. ActiveMag therefore happens to be the first technology that enables the decryption of audio content within the physical speaker driver itself, as a future capability.

Scaeva ActiveMag(tm) Speaker ( via Scaeva Technologies, Inc.)

As far as the performance of the speakers are concerned, they consume 50% less power at higher volumes, while exhibiting broad frequency response with industry leading sound dispersion characteristics. The initial drivers have been designed for home smart speaker applications, with larger designs suitable for powerful cinematic and live sound applications coming soon.

As part of its inventions, the technology company also releases its MagPlanar™ Pro headphone drivers. They are manufactured using aerospace materials and laser-tuned suspension, and according to the company, they reproduce sound with a professional-quality frequency response curve in a rugged, high-yield mechanical design.

Scaeva MagPlanar(tm) Headphones

Both new products will be showcased at NAMM, booth 11046, from January 25-28.

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