Sandvik has recently acquired a significant stake in Beam IT, Italian well-known additive manufacturing service provider. The investment was part of Sandvik’s strategy to become a provider for the wider component manufacturing industry and will reinforce the company’s current offer in metal AM.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Beam IT has developed extensive expertise in metal AM. The company is equipped with performant metal AM Systems and is investing extra miles to bring its contribution in the materials sector.

As for Sandvik, the company is acknowledged for its metallic powder and has made significant investments into several metal AM process technologies such as Powder Bed Fusion (Laser and Electron Beam) and Binder Jetting.

Sandvik has a long experience in several fields of the industry. In addition to materials, the company has dedicated the past 75 years to post processing techniques such as metal cutting, sintering and heat treatment.

Both companies have not disclosed the terms of this investment but we can already notice a shard excitement from both parties:

The AM sector is developing fast and there is a need for AM-specialist-partners with the advanced skills and resources required to help industrial customers develop and launch their AM programs. With the investment in Beam IT we provide our customers with the opportunity to access the complementary and combined power of Sandvik and Beam IT“, says Kristian Egeberg, President of Sandvik Additive Manufacturing.

Mauro Antolotti, Chairman and founder of Beam IT, says: “The demand for additively manufactured components is expected to grow rapidly the coming years. In Sandvik, we have a very good owner who can help us accelerate the growth – and who can provide us with leading materials expertise, development of high-quality metal powder suited for all AM processes, as well as world-leading post-processing know-how“.

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