Sakuu achieves first step in fulfilling its goal to 3D printing solid-state batteries (SSBs) by developing a Lithium Solid State Battery.

Sakuu Corporation (previously KeraCel Inc.) has recently developed its first 3Ah lithium-metal solid-state battery (SSB). The AM company develops an automated multi-process additive manufacturing for which it has already received several patents.

According to Sakuu, the 3Ah lithium-metal solid-state battery (SSB) “equals or betters current lithium-ion batteries”.

The company explains in a press communication that these first-generation batteries comprise 30 sub-cells, utilize lithium-metal and a proprietary printed ceramic separator. The battery has been designed to use current industry standard cathode materials and can support even higher voltage cathodes in the future that could yield up to 25% more energy.

This makes the new battery perfectly suited for consumer, aerospace, and mobility applications, given its advantages in safety and energy density.

Sakuú is targeting to sample these batteries to its strategic partners in the late third quarter and its early access partners in the fourth quarter of this year.

We developed this first generation of SSB’s to prove the viability of our battery technology in anticipation of the Sakuú 1000 advanced AM platform,” said Robert Bagheri CEO and Founder, Sakuú.

Over the last year, we have improved our battery energy capacity by a factor of 100 and our volumetric energy efficiency over 12 times and are planning to begin volume production of the batteries in early 2022 to meet the needs of our strategic partners,” he added.

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