Rose Go 3D Printer will help you get started with 3D Printing

We’ve often heard experts from the industrial 3D Printing area said that, to start with 3D Printing, they bought a low-cost 3D Printer. A low-cost 3D Printer is ideal for learning, without compromising price, not to mention that 3D printing can require a time-consuming learning curve.

That’s the reason why ROSE GO, a China-based manufacturer of 3D Printers unveils Rose GO, a FDM 3D Printer that is said to deliver resin quality.

Designed for beginners, hobbyists and professionals, the 3D Printer supports multiple printing materials including PLA, TPU, Wood PLA, Silver PLA, and Gold PLA. According to the manufacturer, no matter what print medium is selected, its positioning accuracy is up to 0.01mm, which seems to deliver prints of incredible detail.

High resolution is essential for 3D models and Rose Go delivers by utilizing a 0.9-degree stepper motor rather than the 1.8-degree stepper motor that is common on comparable printers. A 0.9-degree motor has twice the precision which significantly improves fineness and accuracy. Another way that Rose Go sets itself apart from the competition is with the introduction of their proprietary silent drive solution. The StealthChop2 ultra-quiet technology can keep the motor sound under 10dB, much lower than typical printers.

“Today, creative innovation happens faster than ever. 3D printing is an essential driver behind that trend. It allows designers, makers and product engineers to quickly prototype and test ideas in a fast, economical way. Our goal is to make high quality 3D printing easy and affordable for everyone. To do so, we concentrated on combining high performance and ease of use so that even beginners can get started quickly. Rose Go is the culmination of years of research and development and is the perfect printer for anyone interested in 3D printing.”  Leonardo Deng, CEO – Rose Go

With simplicity in mind, Rose Go has a user-friendly interface and touchscreen for controlling print functions as well as special features that make setup easy and ensure a high print success rate such as a self-leveling system and a broken material detection system that avoids common printing failures.

Rose Go is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters.


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